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There is No Hope Because I Have Loved Strangers

There is No Hope Because I Have Loved Strangers: “Even though you wash with nitre and much soap, still your iniquity is marked before Me,” says the LORD ALMIGHTY. “How can you say, ‘I am not polluted, I have not gone after Baalim’?

You can see your way in the valley and know what you have done. You are a swift dromedary going back and forth in her ways; like a wild donkey used in the wilderness snuffing up the wind at her pleasure. On her occasion, who can turn her away?

All that seek her will not weary themselves; in her month they will find her. Withhold your foot from being bare and your throat from thirst, running to other gods. But you said, ‘There is no hope, nope, because I have loved strangers, and I will go after them’.

Save Us When We are In Trouble

Like a thief is ashamed when he is caught, so is the house of Israel. They and their kings, their princes, priests, and prophets, all ashamed. Look at them saying to a tree stub, ‘You are my father’ and to a stone, you have given birth to me.

Yes, they have turned their back to Me, but have not turned their face to Me. But in their time of trouble, they will say, get up and save us. But where are your gods that you have in place of Me for yourselves?

Let your gods arise and let’s see if they can save you in the time of your troubles. O Judah, you have as many gods as you have cities, a god for each city. So why will you plead with Me to save you? You have all transgressed against Me,” says the LORD ELOHIM.

You Kill Your Own Prophets

“In vain I have afflicted your children; they are not receiving any correction from My punishments. Your own sword has devoured your prophets as if attacked by a destroying lion. O generation, see the word of the LORD ALMIGHTY.

Have I been a wilderness to Israel? Have I been a land of darkness? Why do My people say, ‘We will come no more to You, O MOST-HIGH’? Can a young lady forget her ornaments, or a bride her wedding attire?

But My people have forgotten Me for so many days. You are so skillful at finding lovers, you can teach a prostitute a thing or two about getting a lover. You have blood in your skirts, the blood of the souls of the poor and innocent.

The Children of Israel Will Be Ashamed

I didn’t find it through a secret search, but it is everywhere on you. Still, you say, because you are innocent, surely the LORD’s anger will cool down. Yet, I will plead with you because you have said you have not sinned. Why go about so hard to change your way?

You will be ashamed of Egypt just like you were ashamed of Assyria. Yes, you will go with him and your hands will be upon your head. This is so because the LORD has rejected your confidences and you will not prosper in these gods or their nations.

Author’s Remarks

The second half of Jeremiah chapter 2 is hammering for the children of Israel. Their sin is stained upon them like a tattoo, like a mark. The bigger problem is their refusal to own up to it; confess it and repent. They won’t.

They love hanging with the strangers too much, they love doing their ways, which are contrary to the LORD ALMIGHTY. They seek love in all the wrong places, looking for love when the fountain of love is their own ELOHIM.

The MOST-HIGH gave in and allowed them to seek and claim these strangers and these gods; it hurts, it is abominable, but it is what they wanted. When calamities come upon them, the MOST-HIGH ELOHIM told them to seek help from the gods they created for themselves.

When the children of Israel get out of this stupor, they will be ashamed; they will be very ashamed.

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