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The Prophets of God All Had iPhones Parable

The first smartphone debuted in 1992.

On January 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone to the world. Since then, Apple’s pricey slab of glass stuffed with technology has become synonymous with the word “smartphone” (sorry, Android fans). But smartphones predate the iPhone by more than a decade.

To pinpoint the smartphone’s true birthdate, look back to November 23, 1992, and the introduction of IBM’s Simon at a trade show in Las Vegas. Today, IBM is best known for supercomputers, IT solutions, and enterprise software.

Simon Was Hooked Up

But in the ’80s and early ’90s, the company was a leader in consumer electronics — a position it hoped to solidify with Simon. Simon was a smartphone in every sense of the word. It was completely wireless and had a digital assistant, touchscreen, built-in programs (calculator, to-do list, calendar, sketch pad, and more), and third-party apps, something even the original iPhone didn’t have.

The idea was so ahead of its time, that there wasn’t even a word for it yet — “smartphone” wasn’t coined for another three years. Instead, its full name when it debuted to the larger public in 1993 was the Simon Personal Communicator or IBM Simon for short.

But there’s a reason there isn’t a Simon in everyone’s pocket today. For one thing, the phone had only one hour of battery life. Once it died, it was just a $900 brick (technology had a long way to go before smartphones became pocket-sized; Simon was 8 inches long by 2.5 inches wide).

Unfortunate Demise of Simon

Cell networks were still in their infancy, so reception was spotty at best, which is why the Simon came with a port for plugging into standard phone jacks. In the mid-aughts, increases in carrier capacity and the shrinking of electronic components created the perfect conditions for the smartphones most of us know today. Unfortunately for Simon, it was too late.

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The Prophets of God All Had iPhones Parable

The precepts of men are Simon the smartphone of 1992; outdated and not worth a darn. The precepts of God are the iPhone in this parable, bruising the head of IBM’s Simon by leaps and bounds. Why? For the same reasons, the iPhone has leaped ahead of Simon Personal Communicator for IBM.

When someone has access to more information, faith, consistency, love, and enthusiasm, that usually does the trick. The Father, through Christ and His prophets, has the world’s vast network of information, given through the Holy Spirit.

You can only receive the Holy Spirit by keeping the commandments, after repentance and baptism. We urge you today, in the name of Yashaya, otherwise known as Jesus. Just like most people never heard of Simon’s Personal Communicator, all of the righteous will not hear of a wicked person showcasing the precepts of men when Christ returns.

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