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A Nation Scattered and Peeled Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia

A Nation Scattered and Peeled Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia; Isaiah 18 reframed, Woe to the land of whirring wings, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia (Cush) that sends envoys by the sea in papyrus vessels on the waters.

Go, go swiftly you messengers to a people tall and smooth-skinned, to a people widely feared, to a powerful nation of strange speech whose land is divided by rivers. All you people of the world and dwellers of the earth, when a banner is raised on the mountains, you will see it; when a trumpet sounds, you will hear it.

For this is what the Sovereign LORD has told me, “I will quietly take My rest and look on from My dwelling place, like shimmering heat in the sunshine. Like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest, I will patiently look on.”

Discarding the Bad Branches

For before the harvest when the blossom is gone and the flower becomes a ripening grape, He will cut off the shoots with a pruning knife and remove the branches. He will discard the branches removed.

They will all be left to the mountain birds of prey, and to the beasts of the land. The birds will feed on them in the summer and all the wild animals will eat well in the winter.

At that time, gifts will be brought to the Sovereign LORD of Hosts; presents from a people tall and smooth-skinned, from a people widely feared from a powerful nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers.

The gift will be brought to Mount Zion, the place of the Name of the Sovereign LORD of Hosts.

Chapter Remarks

What a chapter; Isaiah 18 is the book of Revelations in seven (7) verses (primarily chapter 14). Woe to a land shadowing with wings. What land is this? Many people have called it Africa because it is beyond Ethiopia; however, I am led to believe and conclude that this is America (that includes Canada, North, Central, and South America, and all the islands in the seas nearby).

We’ll explain why we have come to this conclusion. The land shadowing with wings is beyond is the rivers of Cush or modernly called Ethiopia. Maps of nations and people change very often because people get conquered or they conquer others.

Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia is really saying beyond the Atlantic Ocean of Africa. Africa is widely known as the land of Ham (Ham, is one of the sons of Noah). The sons of Ham were Cush (Ethiopia), Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya), and Canaan (southern Africa).

Africa As the Land of Ham

Ancient maps usually portray Cush to have inhabited central, eastern, and even a bit southwest as well. Mizraim inhabited northeast and west as they absorbed much of Phut who mingled up north.

Canaan had the south, but there is a twist to where else they inhabited; the clue is that it got them in major trouble with the ALMIGHTY. Now the party of information of this chapter is in verses two and verse seven.

It is saying in a modern-day speech, “Woe to the Americas that is beyond the waters of Africa, who sends ambassadors by sea to the nations saying, go you and oppress the people terrible from their beginning, the children of Israel, whose land the people have spoiled.”

The LORD’s Ensign and Trumpet

Because the nations have scattered and peeled the Sovereign LORD’s people, He has a message to all the inhabitants of the world and to everyone who dwells on the earth. He will return and lift up His ensign on the mountains; this could be symbolism by lifting up His sign in the governments of the earth.

When they see His ensign and hear His trumpet, they better do what they are commanded. As for now, from the time of Isaiah’s vision to the time those things took place, the Sovereign LORD is quietly resting and watching.

He’s adding up the further affliction the nations have inflicted upon His people. If I were you, I would stop slapping people for no reason, they may just be His people. Verse five is the final plagues the world will experience told in detail in Revelation.

Comparing the Sickle to that in Revelation 14

You can probably see certain words in verse five that connect; harvest (Revelation 14:15). The angel told the other angel to thrust his sickle and reap for the time has come to reap because the harvest of the earth is ripe.

The bud is perfect coinciding with Revelation 14:18 which says at the end, the grapes are fully ripe. The sour grape is ripening in the flower and He will cut off the sprigs (twig) with pruning hooks (compare Revelation 14:19).

The Sovereign LORD will cut down the branches and discard them. Revelation 14, verses 19 and 20 tell us how bad it will be; the winepress is the people of the earth; they will be trodden down like grapes.

A Bloody War at the End

Their blood will take up the space of 1,600 furlongs, which is about 200 miles, spanning as high as the horse’s mouth. There will be a lot of dead bodies; this is why verse 6 says the birds will summer upon them and the beasts of the earth will winter upon the dead bodies.

Once this happens to America, that is when the nations will bring a gift to the Sovereign LORD of Hosts. What will they bring? They will bring a people scattered and peeled; a people terrible from their beginning, a nation handed out and distributed like merchandise.

A nation that was trodden under with the foot of others, whose land the floods have ravished; they will be brought to the Sovereign LORD of Hosts as a gift, to the mountain of Zion.

Repentance and Baptism are the Answer

All of this begins with the plagues we are experiencing and they will get bigger and bigger until it is right in our face. Hear the words of the prophets; repent for the Kingdom is at hand, watch and pray, love your fellow as you would love yourself.

Much love, much regards in the name of the ALMIGHTY Father in Yashaya’s name. Amen.

Thank you for being here, reading, or listening to this post.

We’re grateful for you and pray you’ve been edified in the name of the Word of ELOHIM. We pray peace, blessings, and healing over you and your household and we pray the blessings of the Holy Spirit for the fullness of the Gospel to be presented to you.

CHRIST came and said, “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. His disciples asked, “Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?” The LORD ALMIGHTY said, “And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.

This whole thing is about the Kingdom of ELOHIM. Each of us will find ourselves on one side of His Kingdom, and it is drawing nearer than many of us can actually perceive. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or contact us on our contact page.

2022 is 2012 The End of USA Domination is Near

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