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The Man Who Forsakes His Father is like a Blasphemer

The man who forsakes his father is like a blasphemer, he is full of evil and whoever angers their mother is cursed by the Most-High! Handle your business, my children, in all meekness; this way you will be beloved of the Son, who is blessed and approved by the Father.

No matter how great you become, how much money you amass, and how much strength, influence, and power you receive; walk humbly. Humble yourself in your greatness and you will find grace and favor before the Eternal Sovereign LORD of Hosts.

There are many men and women in high places, they are famous and well-known. However, the mysteries of the Eternal are revealed to those who are humble and meek. The power of the Almighty is great all by itself, yet the LORD is honored by men of low stature; He is regarded by the meek.

Avoid seeking things too high for your being or too hard for your comprehension. Neither should you search out things above your strength. Remain in your pay-grade. Why weary yourself; remain in the LORD Almighty and His Anointed One!


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