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The Father of Such as Dwell in Tents: Seven Verses

Genesis 4:19-25 King James Version (KJV)

19 And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah.

20 And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and of such as have cattle.

21 And his brother’s name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ.

22 And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain was Naamah.

23 And Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah, Hear my voice; ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech: for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt.

24 If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.

25 And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

What the seven are saying:

In the last seven verses, we were introduced to the immediate family of Cain, who slew his brother Abel. Cain had a son named Irad, who had a son and it went down to his great, great, great-grandson named Lamech.

This is where today’s seven verses will pick up. The triple great-grandson of Lamech in his older years took to himself, two wives. The administration of the serpent (the devil) is already making things odd for women influencing humankind to his ways.

Lamech’s two wives were named Adah and Zillah. Adah delivered a son name Jabal and he was a special child in a special way. He was “crowned” the father of those who dwell in tents and have cattle. Jabal had a brother named Jubal; he was titled the father of all who handled the harp and organ!

Did they had harps and organs this early in the creation?

Yes, they did!

Lamech’s second wife, Zillah, was also in the action of having children. She had a son named Tubalcain or Tubal Cain; he became an instructor of everyone who was skilled in a trade. In particular, he was the leader in brass and iron; his sister received a mention, her name was Naamah (Naamah Cain).

One day Lamech killed and man and he came to tell his wives about it. He told Adah and Zillah that he killed a man and even he was wounded. He actually felt bad about it and wondered at the consequences. Especially so, noting if Cain was to be avenged sevenfold, then he would be avenged seventy and sevenfold.

The seven verses segway back to Adam who apparently appears to be living separately from Cain and his families. Adam and his wife once again had a child; this time they are blessed with a son they name Seth.

Eve noted that the Almighty had appointed her another seed to replace Abel, who was killed by Cain. Seven verses!


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