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The Congregation Became Very Upset

Without taking counsel from the LORD, Joshua made a peace treaty with them (the Gibeonites) and vowed not to kill them or their people. Israel was deceived and because they did not take counsel with the LORD, they were not able to catch on to the deception.

The congregation became very upset with the leaders of Israel for making this horrible agreement. Joshua cursed the Gibeonites for lying but that was the smallest concern for the Gibeonites. They had other plans of breaking free, they only needed to be alive to implement it.

Shortly after, a king named Adonizedek of Jerusalem heard how a general named Joshua had captured and destroyed Ai. Adonizedek also learned of how Jericho was sacked by the same Israelites. 


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What your take on this short story? How can you utilize this story to improve your life, your walk or search for salvation? How is this story relevant to the Kingdom of God?

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