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Israel Deceived into a Peace Treaty

Israel Deceived into a Peace Treaty. Joshua read the words of the covenant that Moses wrote, to everyone, to the women, children, strangers, small, and mighty. As Israel waited for their next mission, they ran into a mighty set back. This setback would haunt them even to this day. The setback was that of deception and a gross oversight in counsel.

It involved the people of Gibeon. They deceived the children of Israel into a treaty of peace and goodwill. They came to Israel and were already very powerful people among the Canaanite peoples, but still, they were scared.

Israel Deceived into a Peace Treaty

They’d witnessed what happened to Jericho and Ai; they decided to take a different route. They disguised themselves as people who were from afar. They pretended to have heard the goodness of the LORD and decided to bring gifts to the LORD’s people.

They brought molded bread and worn-out sandals and clothing to make it appear as if their journey was of a great distance. 


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