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One of the Royal Cities of Canaan: History of Israel

The more shocking news to this king was that the Gibeonites had double-crossed him and signed a peace treaty with the general and leader of the nation. He was frightened and angered because Gibeon was a great city, one of the royal cities of Canaan that produced many warriors.

Adonizedek gathered the neighboring kings to him to fight against Gibeon. Five Amorite kings and their armies gathered against Gibeon; Gibeon called for Israel to protect them according to the peace treaty.

This became known as an epic battle for Israel. The LORD threw down great stones from heaven on Israel’s enemies. More people died from the hailstones than those who were slain with the sword by Israel. 

One of the Royal Cities of Canaan

Then the improbable happened that made this battle an epic one. Joshua was able to command the sun to stand still. That’s right, a mere man called for the sun to stand still and it happened. It is recorded that there was no day like it before or after.

The LORD listened to the voice of a man in battle (he’d hearkened to Moses regarding the near genocide of the children of Israel). Joshua and the children of Israel defeated the five Amorite nations. Joshua killed their kings.

The general of Israel and the house of Jacob continued there conquest. Onto the next king, a king named Jabin of Hazor. He heard about the violent momentum Israel was having and he called for a confederate of kings to join him to defeat the children of Israel.


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