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Study Topic: All Nations Against Jerusalem

All Nations Against Jerusalem

All Nations Against Jerusalem

The title sounds like a competition, like some sort of basketball game or something, but it’s actually really kind of serious. During the day of the Lord, things will get testy and messy.

Welcome to (BSM), your online bible study supplement source. Today we’re still exploring the concept of having power over the nations as mentioned by Jesus Christ! It is part of our study topic features, where we study a topic in the Bible one scripture at a time. Let’s get back to today’s study topic!

In Zechariah chapter 14, a good host of things are spelled out, and they’re spelled out in gruesome detail. It’s the kind of reading that no one likes to read or talk about, but it’s still there so true students have to deal with it.

We’ve been talking about power over the nations, and we’ve gotten details on it, but now we’re going to see how the Lord actually seizes control and power over the nations.

In a previous study topic titled, all nations were gathered before Him, it was mainly about the nations being gathered for judgment. However, there was a gathering prior to this, where they are gathered before the Lord that wasn’t a pleasant gathering for those gathered.

The details are in Zechariah the 14th chapter (scripture reference), where the divine visionary writes about the day of the Lord. The Lord’s day is coming and when it does, everything that has ever been taken from Jerusalem will be returned, and divided among the Lord’s people.

Before this happens, the Lord will muster many nations to come up and attack Jerusalem. It’s a setup! Without being too specific and name dropping in this posting, the kings of the east will attack the western kings.

GRUESOME ALERT. In this attack, homes will be robbed by the soldiers, women raped, and half the population will be taken captive.

After this, the Lord will then join in the battle and fight against those nations as He did in Egypt, the day of battle. Now get this; His feet will stand upon the mount of Olives, over on the eastside of Jerusalem, and when He does, the Lord will crush the mountain into four divisions.

The mount of Olives will cleave or split towards the east and west, with a great valley in between. Another division will leave this great mountain removed towards the north and south.

The Lord will do this to allow His people to flee out of Jerusalem like it was done back in the days of Uzziah, king of Judah.* During those days people took underground-like tunnels in the valleys to get out of the city.

After the mountain splitting, the Lord will come with all His angels and saints and finish the war. At the end of this violent earth invasive fiasco for mankind, with all nations against Jerusalem like some kind of football match, the Lord will be King over all the earth.

Everyone will call on the Lord in unison everywhere on the earth. Then, all the survivors of those nations that attacked Jerusalem, they and all the inhabitants of the earth will come up each year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and they will observe the Lord’s festival of tabernacles.

The Lord would have set the earth straight, taken out division and confusion, and would have fully colonized the earth to the Heavenly Kingdom. Power over the Nations. All nations against Jerusalem, and Jerusalem wins, the Lord is King, and we have a chance to be on the Lord’s side.

How, stay with us and you will know clearly.

Scripture reference!

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*Steven A. Austin, Gordon W. Franz, and Eric G. Frost, “Amos’s Earthquake: An Extraordinary Middle East Seismic Event of 750 B.C.” International Geology Review 42 (2000) 657-671.



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