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Study Topic: All Nations Gathered Before Him

Study Topic: All Nations Gathered Before Him

All Nations Gathered Before Him

According to the Bible, in the writings of both the prophets and the apostles, in the end of the age, the Lord Jesus Christ will establish His Kingdom in all the earth.

Welcome to (BSM), your online bible study supplement source. Today we’re still exploring the concept of having power over the nations as mentioned by Jesus Christ! It is part of our study topic features, where we study a topic in the Bible one scripture at a time. Let’s get back to today’s study topic!

At the end of this age, Jesus Christ will come into His glory and the Lord will have all the holy angels with Him. This is after all the earthly carnage and tribulations the earth is foretold to have, will have faced.

Jesus will then sit upon the throne of David, the throne of His glory, and all nations will be gathered before Him.

The Lord is then going to separate each nation one from another, like a shepherd would separate his sheep from the goats. The Lord will have some nations on His right hand, they are labeled the sheep.

The Lord will also have nations on His left hand, labeled the goats. The purpose here in this post is to focus on the writings that all nations will be gathered before Him.

Every nation was present when the Lord began the sorting.


This is because the Lord would have reclaimed His Kingdom, and would have reclaimed power over the nations as King of the entire earth.

Scripture reference!

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