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Current Event: An End to Christianity Predicted in Baghdad

An End to Christianity Predicted in Baghdad

An End to Christianity Predicted in Baghdad

Many people around the world have low tolerance levels, but with certain Muslim groups, the tolerance level for Christians is at zero.

The vicar of Baghdad recently predicted that Christianity would end in Iraq because of the extreme persecution the country exhibits and allows. This of course is a Muslim state, and this could be expected, but the level it is at is very dangerous.

Christians around the world need to take note of this for obvious reasons. One, it could happen to you one day, in fact it is written to happen, and we should be aware of this.

Two, we should be concerned for our fellow Christian brothers and sisters around the world, as the Lord blesses those who mourn (Matthew 5:4).

Many of us are in situations where we cannot really do anything significant about the people on the other end of the world. Therefore, our prayers can do them well, as long as we are aware of what they may be going through.

Our awareness may also allow people with power and resources to step in. So every once in awhile, see what’s going on around the world to people who believe, and make an effort to intervene.

It is written, the prayer of the righteous avails much (James 5:16). We’re not taking action as someone who shares an article on facebook and shake our heads; but instead someone who prays for the situation sincerely.

We want to be people who get groups together who will band together to get the attention of people with influence.

This at least, we can see if these people of influence can improve or change the situation altogether. We are our brother’s keeper, let us certainly keep them in prayer.

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