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Study Topic: In the Days of These Kings Part 1

Study Topic: In the Days of These Kings Part 1

In the Days of These Kings Part 1

The ancient stories by the prophets of the God begin much earlier than the accounts recorded. However, vital prophecies were written by the Hebrew scribes during the time Daniel, who was a beloved prophet, and a man of God lived.

It all began during the second year of the rulership of the great king, king Nebuchadnezzar. It was during this king’s time period that he had troubling dreams that kept him from sleeping. The dreams the king was having kept recurring, with deep impressions of the same dream, he finally called for help.

The Dream and Interpretation of

Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon called for his top magicians, a popular go-to move for kings back in those times. Nancy Reagan wasn’t the first to do this, Nebuchadnezzar relied on this also.

He called astrologers, sorcerers, and all the wise men he could muster in his kingdom. He required them to come forward and show the king his dream and the interpretation of it.

Oh yeah, did we forget to tell you, the king could not remember the dream either. Yet the impression it left on him was totally bothersome. Whether the king could or could not remember the dream is up for argument; but he did mention that he could not remember it or “it has gone from me,” as he is quoted saying.

He told his wisdom-team and magicians that he’d had a bothersome dream, and needed to know what the dream was about. The king’s men all stood before him requesting his dream. Once they hear it, they will explain the interpretation of the dream.

…everything they owned would be made into a dunghill

The king told them he does not remember the dream. Nevertheless, it bothered him so much the king threatened his wise men and magicians with death; if they could not tell him his dream. In fact, King Nebuchadnezzar said that they would be cut in pieces and everything they owned would be made into a dunghill.

The king’s wisdom dream team would be rewarded if they could interpret the dream, but killed if they could not. We like to think some of them went home and tried to escape town. They’d run because they knew they could not interpret a dream they never heard or saw.

The reason why people do not believe the king really forgot the dream is because he said the wise men would prepare a fake narrative. They would give a false analysis of what the dream meant if he told them the dream. In order for them to truly know what the dream meant, they had to first tell the king his dream.

The All-Wisdom-Dream-Team Strikes Back!

This logically suggest the king did remember the dream but held it from them. The all wisdom dream team told the king that there was and is no man alive that can show the king what he dreamed.

They also added that there is no ruler in the history of the world that would ask any magician, astrologer, or sorcerer such a thing. Such a rare thing can only be shown or revealed by the gods who are not human.

The king in Syria was not having it. He sentenced his wise men to death. When the decree was made to kill all the wise men in his realm, Daniel, a Judahite of the captivity of Judah was taken also.

He and his amigos were some of the brightest minds that came out of the captivity of Judah. They were trained in the language of the Chaldeans for the purpose of bringing their brilliance to the Babylonian kingdom.

Daniel and Crew Fall Under the Category

Daniel and his companions outshined the Babylonian wise men, magicians, and soothsayers; they were ten times more intelligent and knowledgeable than the top Babylonian minds. This came with a fault because they were included in the wise men Babylon. They fell under the decree to be destroyed because the wise men could not interpret the king’s dream.

The only problem is that Daniel and his cohorts did not get a chance to consider the matter. They were simply rounded up to be killed. This is when the young Daniel asked his captain and king’s guardsmen, Arioch, about the decree. Why was it so hasty and why it included he and his companions, Daniel asked?

Arioch explained it to Daniel and this is when the Lord intervene for his purposes. Daniel asked Arioch for a time, promising he would reveal to the king his dream and the meaning. Daniel was granted the time he requested.

To be continued…

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Who would you consider a modern day Daniel? Who fits his personality to you, celebrity or politician?


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