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Lifestyles: Take the Family Institution Seriously

Take the Family Institution Seriously bsm

Take the Family Institution Seriously

How to fix or improve the world community, number 7, take this institution seriously. Unfortunately, vasts amounts of people do not take this vital institution seriously. I plead for all mankind to take the family institution seriously, specifically the marriage institution.

This message is not just for those in a great, a struggling, or stale marriage today. It is also for those who know or believe they want to get married one day.

Understand, marriage is the foundation of the family, which is the building stones of a community, thus it is vital to be sure you understand the commitment you’ve made or will make.

It is not about love only, it is primarily about a commitment to working together, to stay with your vow. In times past, the elders of Israel allowed for divorce because of the stone-cold mentality men put on women at that time.

Divorce Was Never Really an Option

Divorce was a sort of lesser of two evils if you will. What is Moses to do, allow divorce or allow women to be abusive marriages? He chose the former, as most of us would. However, from the very foundation of the marriage institution, divorce was never part of the options for men or women who go into it.

It is your choice marry. If you decide to marry, go in understanding the importance of the institution, and treat it like one. That is, treat marriage like a business partnership.

This takes really getting to understand the person you’re about to sign a lifetime agreement with. Understand their background, and not just their backside. Take this institution seriously when it comes to your purpose and commitment, and keep your household and yourself blessed.


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