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Satan’s Secret Deceptive Desire

When one has been deceived so long, they can begin to believe they have the truth, and when that is passed along, sincerely, they are ignorantly lying.

This is the groundwork for us to look into God stating His Kingdom will come and we will dwell on the earth, or God will rapture a chosen few off to heaven with Him.

What we will soon realize is that the rapture, which is man going to heaven with the Lord, is really a desire of Satans and not Gods.

Here is some backstory on Satan; he was thrown out of heaven because he did not like God’s will or plan. Ezekiel’s chapter 28 and Revelation’s chapter 12 gives us more detail on the story of why he was harshly thrown out of Heaven.

As a result, Satan has always had the keen desire to return to the Heavenly realm; it is “his” desire to go to heaven (Isaiah 14:12-15). Satan’s secret deceptive desire he has subconsciously poured onto everyone in the world.

Every religion nearly wants to go to heaven. Yet they aren’t even aware of the desire that has been subliminally poured on them. For the sake of knowledge and possible lost salvation, let us all bring awareness to the secret desire. It’s the desire of the fallen angel responsible for the fall of mankind.

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