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Judges Chapter 12 Summary

Judges chapter 12 summary begins with the men of Ephraim getting upset that they were not called to war with Jephthah.

They threaten to burn his house down because he didn’t call them.

Some people really like to fight. Jephthah actually had to fight against the men of Ephraim over this, and the men of Ephraim got slaughtered.

Judges Chapter 12 Summary

The Ephraimites lost 42,000 men. After this Jephthah judged Israel an additional six years before dying. After him, Ibzan judged Israel and he was out of Bethlehem.

Ibzan had sixty kids, thirty sons, and thirty daughters. He was interesting because he sent his kids abroad, his sons married women from other lands. Interesting.

After he died, a man of the tribe of Zebulon took over, his name Elon (not to be mistaken for Elon Musk). He judged Israel for 10 years only. Then a man named Abdon judged and he had 40 sons, and he judged just 8 years.

Israel has no real system or nationhood going on. Things just seem scattered.

We pray to the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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