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Rejoice Greatly and Shout for Thy King


Rejoice Greatly and Shout for Thy King

Rejoice Greatly and Shout for Thy King

In Zechariah chapter 9 and verse nine, the scripture tells everyone, primarily speaking of the children of Israel, to rejoice and do so exceedingly. 

Why should the children of Israel rejoice so greatly, why should they shout and really be joyful? 

The reason is very simple and basic; it is because their King is coming and He is just, He is righteous, He is for them, and most importantly He has salvation. 

He has the power and the authority to salvage their situation beginning with, their sin, continuing with the fall of their nation, and continuing with all opposition from their enemy.

The far greater news is that it is not just limited to the physical children of Israel (the house of Jacob), but to all nations, languages, tongues, and peoples who put themselves under the blood of Jesus the Messiah from God.

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