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Passover is in Few Days


Passover is in  Few Days

Passover 2016

The Passover is coming upon us in a few days (April 20th at sundown).

If you’re new to Bible study, this may not register with you; but if you’re looking for better understanding, you are welcomed to study the subject and see how it relates to Jesus the King of kings.

It is also very relevant in learning the salvation of the Lord. Some do not know or believe the passover is part of God’s requirements today. In Exodus chapter 12 it says:

24 And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and to thy sons for ever.

Followers of Jesus are to observe the Passover as an ordinance forever. Visit BSM in a few days to learn all about the passover or read about it through one of our previous publications.

Grace from God and PeAce in Jesus name!

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  1. Linda Israel Linda Israel

    hi in The Bible King James Exdous 13 verse 18 The Almighty I AM THAT I AM of Abraham.Isaac Jacob (Israel) said on the fourteen day at even until the 21 first day that you should eat unleaven bread and jesus do not have anything to do with The Almighty I AM THAT I AM Passover sacrifice, I trust The Almighty Hear oh Israel The Almighty I AM THAT I AM of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel) is ONE there is no other savior before him or beside him

    • Praise the Lord sister Linda, and thank you for your comment!

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