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Numbers Chapter 24 Summary

Numbers Chapter 24 Summary, Balaam saw it pleased God to bless Israel and he went into meditation and the spirit of God came over him.

He spoke a parable about how goodly the tents of Jacob are and the tabernacles of Israel. Israel’s King will be higher than Agag, who was a great ruling king in the days of Balaam.

Prophecy is spoken by Balaam, that Israel couched and lay down as a lion, a great lion, and who will stir him up? Nations are blessed that bless Israel, and cursed that curse them.

While in this trance, Balak became very angry and clapped his hands to get Balaam out of his meditative trance state.

Numbers Chapter 24 Summary

But Balaam continued his prophecy saying, ‘a Star will come out of Jacob and the Sceptre will rise out of Israel and it will destroy Moab’s corners. Remember the word ‘sceptre’ in Genesis chapter 49?Numbers 24

Balaam continues that Israel will have dominion. Balaam finally rose up and returned to his place, as did Balak. Israel is blessed, was the final state of their interaction.

We pray the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah.


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  1. I truly love the chapters of numbers ,24 was truly a blessing. God us in control and would not allow Balak to hurt the people of Israel.

  2. Aarti Aarti

    This insightful summary of Numbers Chapter 24 by Minister Koko beautifully captures the essence of Balaam’s prophecy, highlighting the blessings bestowed upon Israel. The integration of biblical references enriches understanding, making it a truly enlightening read. Thank you for sharing this profound message!

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