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Numbers Chapter 18 Summary


Numbers Chapter 18 Summary

Numbers Chapter 18 Summary

In chapter 18, God instructs Aaron that he and his sons will bear the burden of the sanctuary and the priesthood.

They were commissioned to keep charge of the sanctuary, the altar, and no stranger is to come near them and their work. Stranger included those not of Aaron’s family or of the family of Levites.

The Levites were a gift to Aaron to do the service of the tabernacle along with Aaron. God gave the priest’s office to Aaron as a service of gift, no stranger can come near or they will die.

This is written as an anointing ordinance forever.

The children of Israel are commanded to bring their first and best to the Lord, and it is given to the house of Aaron and Levi. If they are clean, they can eat of whatever is given to them.

This is a covenant of salt forever before the Lord to Aaron and his seed. The only thing is that Aaron and the Levites have no inheritance in the land, because God is their portion and their inheritance among the children of Israel.

God had given the Levites a tenth in Israel for their service; the Levites live on the tithes from the rest of the nation.

We pray the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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