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Numbers Chapter 16 Summary


Numbers Chapter 16 Summary

Numbers Chapter 16 Summary Summary

Numbers 16 is a long chapter that begins with a group of Levite leaders gathering together to overthrow Moses and Aaron. It was led by three men, Korah Abiram, and Dathan.

They gathered 250 princes of the congregation to join their rebellion. Moses was shocked! He realized they were taking their calling lightly as being Levites, who God separated from the congregation to do His work.

These guys wanted more. Moses wanted them to come up and stand before the Lord to see who God chooses between them.

However, they told Moses, “we’re not coming up,” and called Moses out on the fact that he hadn’t delivered on his promises of bring them into the promised land.

This finally got the normally meek Moses, very angry.

I mean extremely angry, to the point he dropped his duty as intercessor and asked God not to respect them. Further, Moses now commanded they come up tomorrow to see who God chooses. God already chose, and told Moses to step aside, God will consume them (speaking of all Israel) in a moment.

The drama doesn’t end there…

Moses intercedes for the people, begging God not to kill everyone for one man. So God tells the people to clear away from the rebellers. The Lord God made a difference that day and had the earth swallow Korah, Dathan, Abiram, and their families.

God followed that by sending a fire to consume the 250 men who were with them that came near and offered incense. The drama doesn’t end there, the next morning the congregation came out and murmured against Moses saying he killed the people of God.

God again told Moses, ‘LET ME KILL THIS CONGREGATION IN A MOMENT’! Moses begged God not to, but to have mercy. Aaron had to quickly make an atonement for the people because God already started a plague in the camp.

Aaron stood between the dead and the living, that is how bad and fast God was destroying the people who murmured. Before it was all said and done, 14,700 people died outside of Korah, Abiram, and Dathan, thanks to their rebellion.

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