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Naomi Returned to the Land of Judah with Ruth

Previously on the History of Israel, Israel was in a state of disorder, but the story of Naomi and her daughter in law, Ruth, gave some light and hope. Naomi returned to the land of Judah and Ruth, the Moabitess, returned right along with her.

What was interesting was that Elimelech would have no seed in the earth since his sons died without children. Ruth purposes to and would fix that. She met Boaz, a family member of Elimelech. They righteously raised up seed to Elimelech.

Boaz was a mighty man of wealth and he had integrity. He also was impressed with Ruth’s story and how she stuck with Naomi during the hardship of losing all the men in her life. In the end, Ruth and Boaz got married and the LORD blessed her with a son.

The son’s name was Obed and he was the father of Jesse, who is the father of David. This obviously is a turning point for the nation of Israel. The God of Israel had plans for them, plans that are good. Who can understand the Almighty’s ways?


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