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Lifestyles: The Laborers Are Few

The Laborers Are Few: We have to get involved. Together, we must get our hands dirty, roll up our sleeves, and work cooperatively. Number Thirty-Two, to fix the world community is to get involved in your local or digital community in some way.

The collecting is sincerely plenteous, but the workers to help collect are few. The Master Teacher and Sovereign Lord said, “The harvest is truly great, but the laborers are few.” The work to be done in the world community is vast.

There is enough to eat a few times around, but there are very few to work for eating. This creates greed in those working and a comfortable handout mentality from those not. There are people to feed, children to help, and families to rescue.

Pray for Assistance and Help!

There are enough people to provide assistance to in our world. Unfortunately, we live in a world that has trained us to focus on… us! “How can I give the homeless man a dollar; I may need it in two weeks!”

Then the laborer stops before she even gets started. If you are working in the vineyard, in one way or another, and are in need of assistance, pray for it. Requests and prayers should be made to the Lord of the collecting, to send more workers.

More workers sent into His collecting field will lighten the load. Everyone is busy, or so they feel. Everyone has a funeral to attend, a wedding to take part in, or a family member to take care of! In other words, we all have our lives before us.

Can’t Work Well Looking Back!

Creating time and managing time is the second step. The first step is to make a decision to get involved and commit to it. We aren’t fit for the fixing of the world community, yet our own community, if we have one hand on the plow with our eyes looking back.

Get started, and let it start with you! Salute to those laboring in the vineyard! A workman is worthy of their hire.


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