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Kingdom of Priests: the Earth is for Inhabiting

the Earth is for Inhabiting

the Earth is for Inhabiting

God created the earth for habitation. Without an inhabitant, God would have created the earth in vain. The pillars of the earth are the Lord’s and He set the world upon them (1 Samuel 2:8). The world is set upon the earth and we are on the earth also.

In Ecclesiastes, the preacher says, generations come and go, but the earth remains forever (1:4). If the earth remains forever, it must remain with inhabitants, and these inhabitants are the children of the King, for His kingdom (those who are mankind).

We inherit the land and the earth. Hezekiah, a king of Judah, said God is God alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth (2 Kings 19:15). The righteous will inherit the land and live upon it forever and ever (Psalm 37:29).

It’s Hard to Rule without Territory or Land

The land is vital for the children of the kingdom because God promised it to them through His word. God does not go back on His word. God places His Word right there with His name, even His Word is higher (Psalm 138:2).

If you have never been interested in land, it is a good study! It makes preparing for the Kingdom of God more lively and real. If you don’t own land, it is difficult and even impossible to rule over anyone and anything. We are all going to be landlords in God’s Kingdom on the earth.

The land is vital, and as we live on the land of this great earth the Lord has created, we must live together and orderly. This is where the law comes into play. There will always be “the law of the land, which is a critical building block in understanding the Kingdom of God.

King’s have authority and power, and they lord over a territory.


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