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Chapter Summary: Genesis Chapter 18 Summary

Genesis Chapter 18 Summary: In Genesis chapter 18, God appeared to Abraham in the plains of Mamre. Abraham saw three men standing with the Lord. Once Abraham recognized who they were he ran to pay his respect to them bowing towards the Lord.

Abraham prayed for the Lord to sup with him before He continued His travel. During the dinner, God revealed that Sarah would have a child by this time the following year. Sarah heard this from the next room and she laughed within herself at God’s proclamation.

The chapter transitions to after dinner. With Abraham out of the room, the Lord asked his men if He should share with Abraham what He plans to do? The Lord decides against concealing His mission because He knew Abraham would obey and teach his family the ways of the Lord God.

The Judge of All the Earth…

Further, the Lord proceeds to expound to Abraham what He plans to do to the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham was concerned for Lot, his nephew. He humbly petitioned that God would not destroy the evil with the good.

Abraham called the Lord the Judge of all the earth; such must certainly judge righteously. It was true. If there was not at least 10 righteous people in all that coast, the city would be destroyed, the Lord confirmed. The men go towards Sodom and the Lord goes His way!

This is the summary of Genesis chapter 18!


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