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Let My Outcasts Dwell with You Moab

Let My Outcasts Dwell with You Moab; Isaiah 16 reframed, Send in the tributary lambs to the ruler of the land; from Sela in the desert to the mountain of the Daugther of Zion.

Just like wandering birds pushed out of the nest, so are the daughters of Moab at the fords of Arnon. “Give us counsel, render a decision. Provide us shelter at noonday with a shade like a dark night.

Hide the refugees and outcasts, do not betray the one who flees. Let my outcasts dwell with you Moab; let my fugitives stay with you. Be a shelter for them Moab from the destroyer.”

Moab Has Exceeding Pride

The spoiler’s time is at hand; cover my outcasts until the oppressor has gone, destruction has ceased, and the oppressors have vanished from the land. Then in mercy will the throne be established; yes, in loving devotion and in truth a throne will become secured in the house of David.

A Judge seeking justice and prompt in righteousness will sit on the throne in faithfulness. We have heard of Moab’s pride, he has an exceedingly great amount of pride. In addition to that, he is much conceited that he is overflowing with arrogance.

Nevertheless, his boasts are empty. Therefore let Moab wail for Moab; let them wail together Moab. Mourn for the raisin cakes of Kir-hareseth, all of you who are utterly stricken, wail.

The Nations Destroyed Moab

For the fields of Heshbon have withered, along with the grapevines of Sibmah. The rulers of the nations have trampled down its choicest vines that reached as far as Jazer and spread toward the desert. Their branches have spread out and reached the sea, even going over it.

Therefore, I weep with Jazer for the vines of Sibmah; I drench Heshbon and Elealeh with my tears. Triumphant shouts have fallen silent over your summer fruit and your harvest is fallen.

Joy and gladness have been removed from the orchard; no one sings or shouts in the vineyards. No treaders tread the grapes in the winepresses; I have put an end to the cheering and vintage shouting.

Isaiah 16

Therefore my heart laments for Moab like a harp, my innermost being cries for Kirharesh. And when it is seen that Moab is tired; when Moab appears on the high places of his sanctuary to pray, after he has tired himself, it will do him no good.

This is the message that the Sovereign LORD spoke of earlier concerning Moab. However, now the Sovereign LORD has spoken this, “In three years, like a hired worker counts the years, Moab’s splendor will become an object of contempt, with all her many people.

And those who are left will be few and feeble.

Chapter Remarks

Chapter 16 of Isaiah is a continuation of the burden of Moab from chapter 15. The chapter, like many of the other chapters, is not put in the real order the chapter should have originally been in.

In the beginning, there is a command to send in the tributary lambs to the ruler of the land. This appears to be about Yashaya (Jesus) the Christ, but let’s keep digging into the chapter to get more ground. Sela is the desert area south of Judah where Edom used to reside.

It’s their old capital Petra. Verse one then could modernly read to send the lamb to the ruler or governor (lowercased) from Sela (Petra) to the wilderness, all the way to the mountain of the daughter of Zion. Why?

Allow Outcast to Dwell

Well, just like a wandering bird is thrown out of the nest, it will also be the case for the daughters of Moab. In short, there will be trouble for the daughters of Moab that even their tributary gifts would not soothe.

So counsel was taken and judgment for Moab to hide the outcasts; Moab were commanded to allow the author’s outcast to dwell with them. They were to cover them from the spoiler, the extortioner, the oppressor. The spoilers time was and is coming to an end.

This acts as a dual prophecy; it pertains to the time of Nebuchadnezzar and Titus, of the Babylonian and Roman captivities. However, for the spoiler’s time to cease, this is speaking of our modern-day especially as it correlates to the fall of Babylon we just read about in Isaiah chapter 13.

Moab Will Howl

The oppressor or spoiler is Babylon the Great, which has ceased in this prophecy. Verse five; now in mercy the throne is being established in righteousness. The One who will sit upon the throne will sit in truth from the house of David.

He will judge and seek judgment in righteousness. Therefore, Babylon fell, Christ’s Kingdom was established after that as all the prophets have said. And now, the remainder of the chapter will talk about the pride of Moab and how it will or has led to their howl and cries.

The lords of the heathen (nations) have broken down the principal plants of Moab; to the author, it is a tearful sight. In Jeremiah’s vision of Moab, he wrote how they have been at ease from their youth.

Moabites and Ammonites

They have not gone from nation to nation, mixed with people to people; they haven’t gone into exile. Therefore their taste (thinking process) has remained in them from ancient times. Unfortunately, that is all about to change for Moab.

However, the big question is who are the Moabites today? Again, unfortunately, is not conclusive in who they would be today (and we are not ashamed to say so).

We’ve studied other organizations and individuals on this topic and although many have shown pieces of evidence of who the Moabites and Ammonites could be today, it just wasn’t conclusive enough for us to run out of the room celebrating like we won the Super-Nationals Chess Tournament or International Spelling Bee Contest.

The Extortioner and Spoiler

Some people say Moab is China, others the Jordanians, while another group has them as the Algerians of North Africa. Whoever it is, they have been a people for a long time, they’ve stuck together, and they have been subtly against the children of Israel their entire lives.

However, they have been commanded to protect the outcasts of Isaiah’s people and to be covert to them. Moab was commanded to keep the outcasts from the extortioner and spoiler until their (the spoilers) time ceases.

Therefore, seek out a people who begrudgingly hide the outcasts of Israel from the spoiler in these latter days and throughout history and we may pinpoint the people of Moab. Leave your comments of edification in the comment section.

Isaiah Chapter 16

All praises to the ALMIGHTY Father and Creator of Heaven and earth, through His beloved Son, His Majesty, the Word of Elohim.

Thank you for being here, reading, or listening to this post.

We’re grateful for you and pray you’ve been edified in the name of the Word of ELOHIM. We pray peace, blessings, and healing over you and your household and we pray the blessings of the Holy Spirit for the fullness of the Gospel to be presented to you.

CHRIST came and said, “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. His disciples asked, “Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?” The LORD ALMIGHTY said, “And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.

This whole thing is about the Kingdom of ELOHIM. Each of us will find ourselves on one side of His Kingdom, and it is drawing nearer than many of us can actually perceive. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or contact us on our contact page.

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