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Let Me Tell You About Wisdom

If you haven’t met Wisdom, you should. She’s the best. Let me tell you about Wisdom; she holds her children in very high regard. She glorifies them, elevates them because she loves them. Wisdom takes hold of anyone who seeks after her, no matter the nationality, gender, or stature.

Whoever loves her, they love life. Some people love death, ignorantly or knowingly. Mark these people mentally because they love not Wisdom. Those who seek and find Wisdom early will become filled with happiness. Their lives will be joyful and full of delight and jubilation.

When a man holds fast to Wisdom, he receives an inheritance; he will inherit glory. Whomever Wisdom enters, the Almighty Eternal Power, Yahweh, will bless. Invite Wisdom today, she will RSVP and attend to anyone who puts out an invitation.

The Honor Given by Wisdom

Those who serve her will one day minister to the Holy One of Israel because He loves them who love her. We tend to like people who love our close ones. When a friend of your child just loves your child, you like or even love them also.

There are bigger rewards for those who attend unto Wisdom. Those who give ear to her will one day judge the nations. It is written in the Psalms that the saints have the honor to execute vengeance upon the nations (heathen).

They will exact punishments to the people, bind their kings with chains, collect their nobles in fetters of iron. The saints have this honor, to execute upon the nations the judgment written. Thus those who give ear to Wisdom will have the honor of judging the nations.

As we attend to her, we will dwell securely. How is that for a sister or girlfriend? Start a chant in the comment section, “We want wisdom, we want wisdom!”


Thank you for being here with us today. It’s certainly a pleasure to have you as we share about the goodness of the LORD the King, His Kingdom on the Earth, and His Royal Family.

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