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Kingdom of Priests: Moses and the sons of Kohath

Moses and the sons of Kohath

Moses and the sons of Kohath

When the children of Israel were in the wilderness, three leaders within Israel, namely Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, made a bad move. They took a number of men and rebelled before Moses in great number.

To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to a king setting up a governor and the people rise up against the king’s governor. Really, they are rising up against the king. In this case, there were about 250 princes or leaders of the nation that joined the rebellion.

These were well known men and they came against Moses and Aaron. They demanded Moses and Aaron to share the responsibility of governing the people. These men wanted in on the “order and order giving.” They wanted to rule and call shots as they assumed Moses was doing.

The KING Chose Moses…

These rebellious men had forgotten that Moses wasn’t giving the orders, Moses was merely passing the orders to them and the people. Moses was working directly under the real and invisible King of Israel.

This was a job for Moses; a job he didn’t choose, that he didn’t desire, in fact he tried his best to run away from. The King of Israel chose Moses. These rebellious men did not know or believe this. The King’s command was for Moses to be the King of Israel’s leader and spokesperson on the ground. Moses’s brother Aaron, would be the high priest to help regulate law.

These men and their supporters were usurping the authority given to Moses by the King of Israel, their God. In the end of this fiasco of a rebellion, the King had nearly 15,000 rebels killed for the uprising (see Numbers 16). The God of Israel, their King, had to do this primarily to keep the order in the kingdom.

…I am the Lord Your God…

One of the first orders a king requires is everyone to respect who the king gives authority to. If one can’t respect a king’s choices, how will they respect any of the king’s desires or commands? Here are the King of Israel’s introductory commands and orders given to the children of Israel at Mount Sinai.

Exodus chapter 20

First God, the King, introduces Himself to the people, and to have it humbly paraphrase, it would sound like this. “Attention, I am the Lord your God, which have brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You will have no other gods before me (v2-3).”

Here, God is essentially saying, ‘I am the Owner (Lord), your God (Eternal One, Supreme Being, your Source, Creator, Ruler, and your Universe). You will have no other sources (gods) before Me. What an introduction!

Brought out of the house of Bondage in Egypt.

God showed up in darkness and fire, therefore the children of Israel saw and knew nothing of how God their King looked or appeared.

They had no image to picture Him. The King liked to keep their minds vacant of His image, given the next command He gave them.

God says, “You will not make yourself any graven image or anything with the likeness of anything in heaven, in the earth, or under the earth in the water that you would consider a god or source or deity. In addition, you will not bow down and serve these images, because I, the Owner (Lord) your Source (God), am a jealous Source (Provider, Bread-Keeper), and I visit the iniquity of the fathers to the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but I show mercy to the thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments (4-6).

Reverence, Honor, and Respect

These are the King’s commands, if anyone breaks them, they break the law of obedience, which is punishable by death. It is this serious because they are breaking the covenant (agreement) of the Lord.

If this covenant is kept, the King keeps His promises, if broken, the King is not bound to care for the person or persons who are not obedient to the King and His charge. The commandments are the dos and don’ts for the King’s kingdom. This requires reverence honor and respect for His great name.

The next command revolves around purpose and respect. Serving God should not be done in vain because the King will not hold anyone guiltless that takes His name in vain. As we take on the name of Israel, and become children of the Kingdom, we are not to do this in vain. We are to do this with purpose and respect or reverence.

In Six Days the Lord Made Heaven and Earth

The King’s puts in a system of rest from work and also for convocating with the community. The King commands for all people to remember and keep the Sabbath day, and to keep it holy. In six days work may be done but the seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord our God (Source).

No work should be done by anyone on the seventh day of the week, the Sabbath. The reason for this is that for six days the Lord made Heaven and Earth and everything in the Earth but rested on the seventh day. Therefore God made the seventh day holy and wants us to remember it and keep it holy.

The King transitions into how His people are to treat each other. Children, even grown children, are to honor their father and mother. This would ensure a long life in the land, which the Owner their Source gives to them.

This world would be amazing…

People who cannot honor and respect their parents aren’t worthy to live because there would be no one, if any, they could come to honor and respect if they could not their parents.

For additional order, the King requires absolutely no killing, no adultery, no stealing, no false witnesses, and no coveting in His realm. If we lived in a world where we, as humans, did not kill one another, oh what a world this would be.

In addition, if we married correctly and kept marriages and families intact, murder would be much lower. If we did not steal from one another, emotions of anger and resentment would be low, which would lower the murder rate. If we didn’t lie on each other or covet other people’s belongings, this world would be amazing.

Consequential Punishments, Judgements

This is what the King of kings will provide at the appropriation of His Kingdom on earth. This is what the Lord has been attempting to instill in men since the very beginning. We have just found other ways to ignorantly govern ourselves, and it is not turning out so well.

This was the end of what the King spoke to the children of the kingdom of Israel from the mount. This was so because they could not bear the King’s presence, and asked Moses to speak to them on behalf of the King.

The King then gave judgements, and judgements are considered decisions or conclusions on a matter. For instance, if someone breaks a command ordinance or law, the judgement is the sentencing and/or the consequential punishments for that person.

the laws of God are no more…?

For instance, if someone slapped a man in the face, and the judgement is that the offender’s face be slapped, then the offenders face is to be slapped. That is the judgment. The law is for order, accountability, and right-standing or righteousness with God or the Heavenly Kingdom.

It is a grievous statement to say or assume, “the laws of God are no more,” or to pronounce, “we do not have to keep the commandments of God, because Jesus did it all for us.” If it were only for us to believe in Jesus Christ, it would be okay for your neighbor to steal from you, enact adultery with your spouse, and accuse you of false allegations.

As long as he or she continued to believe that Jesus, the Holy Messiah from God, died for their sins, such person would be in right-standing with the Heavenly Kingdom.

Moses and the Sons of Kohath

This is just not the way it is. Our faith in Jesus Christ, the King and High Priest of our souls, is the foremost deed towards being righteous. Yet we activate our belief in Christ by our actions of love and obedience towards the King’s word. We constantly have to remove ourselves from rebellion. We do not want to be like the situation between Moses and the sons of Kohath.


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