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Chapter Summary: 2 Kings Chapter 6 Summary

2 Kings chapter 6 summary begins with the sons of the prophets. They desired for Elisha the prophet to hang out with them, and he concurred. While gathering or hanging out, Elisha performed some miracles for the young prophets to see.

The vital part of the chapter comes as war broke out between Syria and Israel in Samaria. The miracles Elisha was able to perform to help the king of Israel were the highlight. The Syrian king kept chasing the king of Samaria, but Elisha kept warning the king of Israel where the Syrians would attack from.

2 Kings Chapter 6 Summary

Thus the king of Samaria would avoid the ambush. The Syrian king did not understand how the king of Israel kept eluding him. He thought he had a “snitch” in his camp until he was told about Elisha. The king of Syria decided to capture Elisha, to put an end to the eluding. He surrounded Elisha’s house.

A Mountain Full of Horses & Chariots

He was surrounded but Elisha did not fret, he knew the ALMIGHTY had the Syrians surrounded as well. Elisha even had the ALMIGHTY open the eyes of his worried servant. His servant saw the mountain full of horses and chariots of fire (angels), surrounding Elisha.

Elisha then prayed to the MOST-HIGH ELOHIM to blind Syria, and while they were blinded, he led them right to Samaria’s host. Elisha ordered Samaria to treat Syria as if they were captives; give them bread and water and let them go back to their master.

… eating their own children…?

The chapter ended with the story of a famine in Samaria and one Benhadad, king of Syria, came to take Samaria. They eventually took Samaria. The famine was so bad, women were killing and eating their own children.

The king of Israel was so upset with Elisha, he promised to kill him. Elisha wasn’t worried, even when the king’s messenger came in with the forceful message from the king. And this is the summary of 2 Kings chapter 6.


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  1. Michael Larinde Michael Larinde

    I got into your website this morning while searching for clarification of the situation in 2 King 6. I was wondering if the two incidents in this Bible chapter happened during the reign of one and only one King.
    If so, why would this King who was helped by Elisha later on turn around to try and kill him? Could it be that a new King, who did not know what Elijah had done for Samaria, succeeded the earlier one. Just like the situation of Israelites with Pre- and post- famine Pharaohs of Egypt.

    I thank God for your good work in the vineyard of God.

    • Greeting brother Michael, you’re absolutely right, it was two separate kings. Elisha prophesied during the kings of Joram, Jehu, Jehoahaz, and even Joash. Keep in mind, although these kings enjoyed the good that Elisha and Elijah did during their days, they still served Baal and the gods of the nations. Their allegiance was divided or even one-sided towards Baal; so when negative things happened such as famines, they knew to attribute it to the ELOHIM of Israel.

      Thank you Michael for being here and commented, praise the ALMIGHTY for your diligence, spirit, and work in the vineyard as well.

      Elder Ishe

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