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Keep the Commandments of the Sovereign LORD

If what you want is wisdom, the method of obtaining it is simple; keep the commandments of the Sovereign LORD of Host. If you covet wisdom, which not many covet today, then keep righteousness. The Most-High will give it to you freely; He will send her (wisdom) to you.

The fear of the LORD is wisdom and instruction. The dread of the LORD Most-High is knowledge and wisdom, it’s faith and meekness, as well as confidence in the LORD. Confidence in the Divine is well-pleasing to Him. Seek and receive these and the LORD will fill your treasures.

When or if you are poor, do not lose your trust in the LORD! Do not become rebellious or unbelieving when troubles come your way. Do not carry a double heart or mind as you walk with the Sovereign LORD of Hosts.

Keep the Commandments of the Sovereign LORD

Avoid hypocritical behavior, especially in the sight of men; take good heed to what you say, privately and publicly. Take care to keep these things and sayings so you do not bring dishonor to your soul. If not, the LORD will show your secrets, your private thoughts, and ways to the public and bring you down.

You will be brought down in the midst of the synagogue, the gathering together of faithful men and women. The Divine will do this because you came nigh the fear of the LORD falsely. You approached the LORD wickedly, maliciously; your heart was full of treachery and deceit.

You were pretending and were not honest in your zeal for the LORD; instead, guile and falseness filled you. Seek wisdom and love her and you will prosper.


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Moses and the sons of Kohath

This devotion is based on Sirach chapter 1 verses 26-30


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