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Judges Chapter 20 Summary Part 2


Judges Chapter 20 Summary Part 2

Judges Chapter 20 Summary Part 2

We ended part one with Israel asking God who should go up and fight Benjamin for his vileness to Israel.

God said Judah and they were crushed in battle. The second time they asked God, should we go up to battle?

God replied they should. They were crushed again. They loss 40,000 men in two days!!

What is God doing?

They went before God again, weeping and fasting this time. They offered burnt offering and peace offerings before God. They went to Phinehas and asked God again.

This time God says, Go up and He will deliver them into their hand. This time they win. The Bible says the Lord smote Benjamin before Israel. Israel burnt their town.

The Benjamites loss 25,000 men who drew the sword that day. However, 600 men were able to flee and escape. All of this was started because they protected men who wanted to rape and perform homosexual acts on a man. Instead, they raped and assaulted his concubine, and killing her.

We pray the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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  1. Ogunyankinnu Caleb olajobi Ogunyankinnu Caleb olajobi

    The Benjamite loss 25,100 men and not 25,000 according to verse 35 of chapter 20

    • tHANK YOU, Caleb, I believe we have changed it; bless you for your detailed observation.

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