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It is Terrible for the Man Who is Fainthearted

It is terrible for the man who is fainthearted because he will not believe in his God or in himself. Therefore, he will not be defended in the time of trouble. It is terrible for those who have lost patience, what will they do when the Sovereign LORD visits them?

Those who fear the Almighty will not disobey His Word; they will keep His Word always because they love Him and His ways. Those who have a reverent fear of the Almighty search out the things and ways that are well.

They search out the ways that are pleasing to the Almighty Creator; they are filled with His law and commandments because they love Him. Those who fear the Sovereign LORD of Hosts prepare their minds in His way and humble their soul in His sight.

They are ready and willing to fall into the hands of the LORD rather than into the hands of men. It is because of their understanding; they understand as it is with the LORD’s majesty and greatness, it is even so with His mercy! The children of wisdom are the church of just men and women, and their nation is obedience and love!


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  1. Thanks for the read I’m wondering if you have any material on addiction? I could really use some help and guidance

    • Thank you, brother Sean, for visiting. We searched the site and realized there was nothing coming back on addiction; so it is a great time to put something together through the Holy Spirit. When we do, we will notify you. Stay strong, we are praying for your strength right now.

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