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History: Abraham Found in Damascus Syria Museum

History: Abraham Found in Damascus Syria Museum

Abraham Found in Damascus Syria Museum

It seems unlikely, but in addition to the writings of the Word of God, other forms of expression have been used. We know we can praise God in music, with a harp, with a sound of a cymbal, with the sound of a trumpet, and with instruments played with skill.

Other forms are emerging in these latter days, and they offer insight from an artistic point of view. A picture of Abraham found in Damascus Syria museum, has turn a many historians and researchers heads.

The painting was carbon dated 2300 years, the reference to the image is in the history of the Hebrews. Interesting to the picture is something found at the feet of Abraham.

It looks like a simple shadow, but if one is familiar with the paleo hebrew alphabet, one would recognize the symbol as the letter “Lamech.” Lamech is the letter sign for the Shepherd.

Abraham Found in Damascus Syria

This is important and good for Christians to acknowledge because it validates Abraham as a real individual we can date, as far back as, 2300 years.

In addition, we get the artists depiction of some of these forefathers, especially Abraham, the father of the faithful.

Abraham is mentioned in the Bible to have owned much cattle and was certainly a shepherd. Here is our historical research for the week. The Bible is important for us to learn principles, prophecy, and history.

Since the Bible is a Hebrew history book, it is good for us to know that other world history events are intertwined in the Hebrew history. God bless.

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