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Study Topic: Untold World History Written by Ancient Prophets


Untold World History Written by Ancient Prophets

Welcome to (BSM), your online bible study supplement source. Today we’re exploring the untold world history told by the prophets of God! It is part of our study topic features, where we study a topic in the Bible one scripture at a time. Let’s start today’s study topic!

We’re entering a new study topic, one we hope does you well in study, knowledge, and preparation for the world to come. The Bible is a massive collection of books and inside of each book, there are stories or recounts of things that took place in the very world we live in today.

BSM has long stated that the Bible is packed with principles to live by, history to revisit, and prophecy to prepare for. The Bible is a collection of stories that lead to Jesus Christ, His Kingdom, and His royal family.

By choice, the world we are living in today has decided to overlook the pearls of wisdom, warning, and rights written in the Bible for everyone’s benefit. Nevertheless, we are paying attention (amen to yourself for your awareness, and a praise to the Lord for the Word).

World History Written by the Prophets

The Lord said that He called the end from the beginning. The Lord even had it recorded, thus we can go into the annals of history, (into the chronicles of kingdoms) and see the Lord’s work. This is what a many have done and we also, and WE want to share with you what was recorded.

We want to share with you the untold world history written by the ancient prophets. Histories retold can often be offensive and discouraging for people to learn. Who wants to know their forefathers were stiffnecked and rebelled against the Lord?

There isn’t a soul that wants to learn their foremothers were known as harlots and whores? Who wants to associate themselves with an evil, distasteful, and disorientated past?

No one really, but only cowards want to avoid it. Only cowards and prideful people don’t want to acknowledge blemishes in themselves, on their clothing, in their family.

Healing the Whole Body of Christ

I challenge everyone reading to consciously embrace history with the mindset of learning from it. In addition, we need to correct our own blemishes so we can have a better future. We have to deal with our own setbacks and horrific past. Everyone must so we can better heal the whole body of Christ that we are.

We may learn that our grandparents, and great grandparents, or ancient progenitors were slaveholders. They may have been vile, illiterate, savages, murderers, abusers, and more. We cannot pass judgment, some of us are coming out of those same things.

We cannot hold their sins as ours, either, because those are theirs. They are not us, and we are not them. Also their actions are not us, and our actions are not them. Each person acts on their own will, but we are all connected to the body of Christ, so we have a certain responsibility to each other.

…healing begins with Knowledge…

My dad’s past may have affected you because of how he treated your dad and mom, and you perhaps. Healing begins with the knowledge, the wisdom, understanding, and empathy of each other’s situation today.

A healthy communication and discussion, is appropriate and necessary. Now I go into all of this because through research, we will learn a great deal of what is documented (in the annals of history).

Much of the history in the Bible has been untold because of the vileness and nature of the atrocities committed. Yet, it was written by ancient prophets for our edification. Part one will start in the next post on this study topic, and we will go through it carefully, delicately, and with a mindset to learn, heal, and correct.

World History Told by Ancient Prophets

In order to mend the breached places, and allow the balm of gilead to heal, as we connect the history to the present, and the prophecy in history to the future, we must study together. We have to be ready to dig out anything we may find in the history room.


Thank you, God bless you. Be encouraged and strengthened in the name of the Lord.

Thank you for joining us today, it’s always a pleasure to have you. (BSM), believes the Bible is one assimilated account leading and pointing to Jesus the Messiah, His Kingdom on the Earth, and His Royal Family.

BSM also believes the Bible has a lot of profound and practical wisdom everyone can use in the journey of life and towards the Kingdom of the Lord.

Because of this, we blog and vlog on different study topics, chapter studies, current events, biblical interludes, and all things pertaining to scripture. We do all of this so we can share this story the best we can with you.

We appreciate and are grateful for all your love and support in all ways possible, even something as simple as leaving a cool or encouraging comment.

Blessings to you.

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