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Kingdom of Priests: What are Kingdom Governments?

What are Kingdom Governments?

What are Kingdom Governments?

By definition, a kingdom is a country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen. It is a realm associated with or regarded as being under the control of a particular person or entity. Another definition contributes saying, it is the spiritual reign or authority of God; as in the rule of God or the Anointed One in a future age (search google for definitions).

Earthly speaking, a third definition states each of the three traditional divisions of life; animal, plant, and mineral, in which natural objects have conventionally been classified.

All of the above are good definitions, but when people typically hear the word kingdom, they are usually thinking of definition number one. Kingdom’s are ruled by kings, and within the world, we live today, as well as in the past, unbeknownst to many kings and rulers, they have all attempted to bring back an original one-world-government.

Kingdom Governments Remove the Originator

However, the majority of these rulers have fallen short because of their desire to bring the one-world-government back without the Originator of the oneworld-governing Kingdom, the Creator. Even today, the desire of a New World Order, one world government, is based on having one king.

A kingdom’s system is its government or governing order. The world at large may have a negative view of kingdom-hood because of past abuse of kingdoms and their colonization process.

Monarchies, especially those that expanded through the use of colonization during the middle ages, have oft been known to have oppressed and abused people. This leaves a negative taste in the mouth of people. It leads them away from the desire of living in a kingdom.

It doesn’t matter if is a righteous Kingdom such as the one detailed in the Bible, ruled by Jesus the Christ.

Past Broken Relationships Can Hinder Future Ones

It is understandable because one failed relationship can hinder a man or woman from ever befriending or marrying ever again.

There are plenty of governing systems in the world currently being used today. No matter where we go, no single governing system is perfect. Some come really close, yet all have flaws when compared to the governing system used by God, the Creator.

There are many categories and subcategories of different government forms the world has used, and as we can note they do not last. This fact is one of the critical components of understanding the Kingdom of God and His eternal everlasting Kingdom.

Nearly all earthly created government forms get uprooted, torn down, attacked, and most importantly, come to an end.

What about democracy?

Even democracy (in this form), has only been around for the last 200, 300, and perhaps 400 years, it also will also be uprooted and dismissed, and by many standards, it is not working.

Democracy is a system that is not in alignment with God’s kingdom purposes and ordinances. This is why it also will be replaced. I will say, a democracy is and has been the best solution for mankind. This is so because it allows mankind to come together as a group and select the best things for the group.

The best thing about a democracy is also its chief conflict. The conflict is that the group must be moral, must have integrity, and provide justice for all. If a corrupt generation arises, woe to the entire group.


My friend used to do a mock radio show with his good friend. I never forget they did a skit on why there were so many bad policemen in the police force. The reply was, “the cops are crooked because we get the cops from among the people, the people who are crooked.”

This is what is taking place in our democratic governments today! People complain about crooked politicians, crooked cops, crooked administrators; but where do these “crooked” officials come from? They come from among the people, a perverse generation.

As we go along, we will look under the hood at different governing types and systems. This will give us a good feel for and what we are currently under. Thinking about world governments gets me closer to thinking about the government in which the Lord is ready to bring forth in the earth.

We need a heightened awareness of government!

Researching and studying has allowed my mind to remove the belief of church as a separate entity from policy, politics, and government. In these sections (Kingdom of Priests) of our postings, which still point to Jesus Christ, His Kingdom on the earth, with His royal family, we want to heighten the awareness of government importance and kingdom living.

There are plenty things Christians can’t get away with. One of those vital things is that Jesus Christ brings a Kingdom to the earth. Therefore, understanding kingdoms and God’s governing order is going to be very important. Until next time, God bless.

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