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His Prayer Will Be Heard by His Creator

Devotional based on Sirach chapter 4 verses 6-10. If a poor man curses you in the bitterness of his soul, his prayer will be heard by his Creator. The Sovereign LORD of Hosts has made it abundantly clear that we should not close our eyes to the poor.

If there are any poor among us, we should not close our eyes to their situation! We should not harden our heart, or shut our hands to the impoverished. Instead, we should open our hands wide to them. It is possible for our eyes to become evil towards the poor.

If your eye becomes evil against your brother or sister who is poor, it can lead to bad things for you. If they cry out to the LORD of Hosts, it could become a trespass to you. Remember the words of the LORD Jesus, the poor will never cease out of the land!

Speak Peace to the Congregation of the Poor

Therefore, give to them freely as you can, so the LORD continues to give to you (Deuteronomy 15:7-11). Ignoring the poor can come with consequences. We have to become more aware of this portion of the ministry; to speak with ease, comfort, and peace to the congregation of the poor.

As we come across the poor, we should do so joyfully; we shouldn’t allow our souls to be grieved when addressing the poor.  Answer them peaceably in mildness and give them your time as you would any other human.

On any occasion you witness the oppression or someone suffering wrongfully so, speak up and deliver them. Deliver them out of the hand of the proud oppressor and do not do it grudgingly. Also, when you speak with an elder or priest, do so with respect.

Express Meekness to the Elder

While you are in the presence of a “great” man or woman, make yourself meek. This can be difficult when or if the elder or great person does not reciprocate the meekness! You are not expressing meekness for them, you are doing it for yourself and your Creator.

Lastly, be a father to the fatherless, and like a husband to their mother. Extend mercy to the fatherless, don’t kick them to the ground as is done in so many countries and areas. If you become obedient to this, you will become a son of the Highest Sovereign LORD of Hosts.

And the Sovereign LORD loves those who take care of the poor; He will love you more than a mother does her child. Remember the end of Matthew chapter 25. The LORD will have more mercy towards you than a mother would have for her only child. See thou to these words of wisdom!


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