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His Name Was Abimelech: Central Ruler Over the Tribes of Manasseh

The son of Gideon was Abimelech. He wanted to be the central ruler over the tribes (of Manasseh) instead of all seventy of his brothers and half brothers. The leaders of a town called Shechem agreed to his desire and gave him money to campaign his leadership.

He hired vain and light persons to follow him as he brutally murdered all seventy of Gideon’s sons. However, the youngest son, Jotham, was able to hide and getaway. When the leaders and Abimelech were holding a meeting, Jotham spoke up on the other side of a terrain.

He made them aware of how bad their actions and behavior were. Jotham reminded them that his father Gideon risked his life for them and saved them from the Midianites. He told them they were wrong to make Abimelech their ruler, on top of his insignificance, since he was the son of a maidservant. 

Judges Chapter 19 Summary Part 2


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