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Gold Earrings and Ishmaelite Garments

The children of Israel wanted Gideon to rule, but he told them the LORD would rule them. Only if he would have kept it there. He didn’t want to rule, but he did want riches and jewels. Instead of ruling the people, Gideon asked for every man’s spoil of gold earrings and Ishmaelite garments. He wasn’t interested in ruling the people, he was interested in gold, apparel, and plenty of women (money, clothes, and woes, all the man knows).

Gideon had many wives and concubines, and as a result, he had seventy sons. When he died, Israel turned their backs on his family and on God. The Israelites reestablished their idols and the worship of Baal, Baalim, and Baalberith.

They forgot the LORD their God and they showed no love towards Gideon, who was also known as Jerubbaal. One of the sons of Gideon took notice of how the Israelites turned their backs on the family of Gideon, and he was set out to do something about it.

Who was this son? To be continued!


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