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Genesis Chapter 42 Summary


Genesis Chapter 42 Summary

Genesis Chapter 42 Summary Summary

In Genesis 42, the dreams of Joseph begin to come into full fruition in his eyes and ours.

Jacob, living in Canaan, begins to feel the effects of a famine and hears there is corn in Egypt and sends his sons to buy corn in Egypt.

The brothers of Joseph go to Egypt and they run into the ruler, Joseph. Joseph recognizes them, but after twenty-one to twenty-three years, they fail to recognize Joseph.

They come to Joseph bowing down, which was what Joseph’s dreams showed they would do. Joseph inquires why they are come to Egypt. He did this to get information from them (because his brother Benjamin was not with them).

Joseph accused them of being spies and orders them to return home, and bring back their younger brother in order to prove they were not spies. Upon the brothers returning home, Jacob is told the quandrum and decides between losing another son or starving to death.

Please it to God to add blessings for reading and doing His Word through His Son Jesus Christ. So Be It!

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