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Exodus Chapter 11 Summary


Exodus Chapter 11 Summary

Exodus Chapter 11 Summary

Exodus 11 is a short chapter because it leads up to the big punch bowl chapter of chapter 12.

In chapter 11, after the plague of darkness, Pharaoh was ready to give up, but God had one more plague for Pharaoh and Egypt.

God really wanted them to feel the pain He felt and the children of Israel felt while in bondage. Also God wanted the world to know His Power.

This last plague was the plague of death to the firstborns in all the land. This plague was orchestrated to show that God puts a difference between Egyptians and Israel.

Please it to God to add blessings for reading and doing His Word through His Son Jesus Christ. So Be It!

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  1. Obadiyah Obadiyah

    Exodus Chapter 11 is what TMH is going to do to America, for what she has, and still doing to the true Israelites of the Bible. The Israelites, who you hated and mistreated for 400yrs we know who we are and we don’t want your money, we want TMH judgment to come on you, and your children, and for Him to save us from the hands of all them that hate us. DTA

    • Thank you Obadiyah for the spirited comment; Verdad, Verdad, you speak the truth. Praise the ALMIGHTY.

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