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Genesis Chapter 44 Summary


Genesis Chapter 44 Summary

Genesis Chapter 44 Summary

In Genesis 44, the story continues between Joseph and his brothers. They were in Egypt attempting to buy corn.

Before the brothers returned to Canaan, Joseph played one more game with them by having his steward place his royal silver cup in the bag of Benjamin to make it as if Benjamin stole it.

The steward is then ordered to track them down and arrest the one who has possession of the silver cup.

The brothers find out it is Benjamin, the main one they are protect for their dad Israel’s sake, and Benjamin is taken into custody and sentence to be jailed.

Judah, who was responsible for watching and making sure nothing happened to Benjamin, pours his soul unto Joseph to allow him to take the place of Benjamin and tells the backstory of how this would certainly kill his father to hear Benjamin is not returning home.

The chapter ends with Judah at the mercy of Joseph.

May God add blessings for reading and doing His Word through His Son Jesus Christ. So Be It!

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