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Genesis 6: the Sons of GOD and Daughters of Men

Genesis 6: the Sons of GOD and Daughters of Men: We believe the sons of GOD and procreated with some of the daughters of men (they did this scientifically or intimately). It doesn’t matter which way, the result resulted in giants and mighty men being born on the earth.

This implanted a different spirit from the LORD’s upon flesh to the degree the LORD acknowledged that HIS spirit would not always strive with flesh. Judgment was placed on the offspring of this union between the daughters of men and the sons of GOD.

120 years of jubilees or 6,000 years before they are judged. This union led to massive wickedness in the earth to the point where GOD would destroy all men from the earth. However, Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD and was commanded to build a ship to sustain his family.

Noah Did All the LORD Commanded Him

Also, with Noah a covenant was made to continue this creation; Noah did all the LORD commanded him (Genesis 6).

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