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Genesis 49: Zebulun Issachar Dan Gad Asher and Naphtali

Welcome back; Jacob continued his prophetic blessings and word over the life of his sons and their offspring in the last days. He picks up with Zebulun, who is the son of Leah. Zebulun’s descendants will dwell by the seashores of the lands they will be in, including when in captivity.

Issachar, the last brother from Leah, is a strong donkey that will lie down between two burdens or sheepfolds. He saw the land he liked most, it was good and pleasant, but eventually will become a servant to tribute. Dan was next; Dan is a son from the union of Jacob and Bilhah.

His descendants will judge his people with justice, yet he will be a serpent by the road like a viper that bites the heel of a horse. He will make the rider fall backward. We are waiting for the salvation of the LORD. The tribe of Gad is next and they will be large, but a troop will overcome them.

Asher Rich in Food Production

However, in the end, Gad will overcome that troop. Gad is the son of Jacob from the union of Zilpah. Gad’s paternal and maternal brother was next, Asher. Asher will be rich in producing food, he will produce royal delicacies.

Napthali is the brother of Dan, and Jacob states that his descendants will be like a hind set loose. They will give goodly words (Genesis 49b).


Principle: Passing down blessings and condemnation is something a father should do. However, in this case of Israel and his sons, they are the promised and adopted people, so this chapter is more so a prophetic must for Jacob and his sons and descendants.

History: This is part “B” of the chapter, but the sons are being blessed or reprimanded, and what they are reprimanded or blessed for will playout thousands of years later.

Prophecy: Zebulun and Issachar are the final brothers with the same mother, Leah. Dan, Gad, Asher, and Naphtali are addressed in this chapter also with interesting blessings that would come upon them.

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