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Genesis 49: Joseph Benjamin and the Twelve Tribes

The last two sons of Jacob to receive his words concerning their pedigree in the last days were his two sons with Rachel. Joseph and Benjamin; he began with Joseph, the viceroy of Egypt. To Joseph, he is and would become a fruitful vine by a spring whose vines march up a wall.

The archers grieved him with arrows bitterly, but he remained steady. He aimed his bow and his arm was strong; he remained tempered by the hands of the Mighty GOD of Jacob, the Shepherd of the Rock of Israel.

The blessings of his father surpassed the blessings of the ancients, to the everlasting hills; all these blessings will rest on the head of Joseph, on the crown of the prince that was set apart from his brothers. He suffered early, but will be the crowned prince in the end. Praise the LORD.

Benjamin Dividing the Spoils at Night

To the baby of the family, Benjamin, the younger brother to Joseph. Benjamin will be voracious as a wolf, he’s a ravenous wolf devouring the prey in the morning, and dividing the spoils at night. These are the twelve tribes of Israel; this is what their father, Jacob, spoke to them according to their blessings.

He commanded them to bury him in the cave and field of Ephron the Hittite, which Abraham purchased for possession. This is the same place Sarah was buried, Isaac and Rebekah, and also Leah. After Israel spoke, he gathered himself for the long sleep and yielded up the spirit, and was gathered unto his people (Genesis 49c).


Principle: Two interesting principles gathered in this section of the chapter. One, Joseph, who received the birthright blessings over Reuben (much as Jacob did over Esau) received the greater blessings from the brothers. Also, Leah was buried in the burial ground purchased by Abraham, rather than Rachel, Jacob’s love. This rather points to the division of order which the ALMIGHTY has in all things.

History: This is part “C” of the chapter, Joseph and Benjamin are given their descendant’s latter days’ prophecy. These will be revisited by Moses and they will become helpful signs in identifying the scattered children of Israel across the globe today. The world mainly recognizes the “Jewish” state (which are not bloodline “people of Judah” but are converted). However, there are peoples across the world who are physical children of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel who can be identified based on the word spoken over them by Israel in this chapter.

Prophecy: The sons of Israel will come together in the last days and rule the entire earth in unity. It will be glorious, joyful, and peaceful for all men with the exception of the enemies of the LORD (see Ezekiel 37).

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