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Genesis 45: Joseph Revealed Himself to His Brothers

Joseph revealed himself to his brothers after they brought his brother Benjamin to him. The emotions were unbearable; Joseph couldn’t refrain himself, this is how it went. As Judah stood to explain why Benjamin couldn’t stay as a bondman, Joseph got real emotional. He sent everyone out of the room except his brothers.

He told his brothers that he was Joseph whom they sold into Egypt; they were troubled. They came near greeted him with caution wondering what just happened. He told them not to worry about what they’d done years ago and expressed to them the nature of the times.

The times were how the world was going in those seven years of famine, which helped propel him to the governor of Egypt. Therefore, they shouldn’t blame themselves but it was GOD who sent him before them to preserve life. He told them that GOD made him (Joseph) a father to Pharaoh.

Viceroy Joseph Showed Extra Love to Benjamin

He ordered his brothers to go get his father and the rest of their families to come dwell in the land of Goshen. They’d be close to him and he would nourish them because there were still five years remaining of the seven years of great famine.

They embraced and all of Pharaoh’s house learned of Joseph’s brothers and they were happy; they wanted Joseph to have all the family come live in Egypt. Joseph showed extra love to his brother Benjamin.

They returned to Canaan and informed daddy Jacob that Joseph was alive and is governor over Egypt. When he heard these things, Israel nearly fainted he was so shocked. He was like a man suddenly awakened from a grievously deep sleep. Eventually, he believed them; he said he’d go see Joseph before he dies (Genesis 45).


Principle: Forgiveness, GOD’s ways, family, time; Joseph’s ability to forgive his brothers is exceptional. It is one of the highest orders of principles to live by. GOD’s ways are exceptional because there is no way of knowing the road HE will lead us except we walk it in faith and stay loyal to HIS commandments. In the end, the family is the true bond, even when the family does us “dirty” if they have grown and are sincere in their search for forgiveness, forgive and keep the family. Time heals, time heals all wounds, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

History: Israel and his sons are now in Mizraim (Egypt). Joseph is the governor of Egypt and the sons will proliferate in Egypt into the nation the LORD wanted them to be when HE sought Abraham after the Tower of Babel.

Prophecy: Abraham’s children would go into a land that is not theirs and toil 400 years. This is now being accomplished in the sons of Israel going into Egypt following Joseph through the event of a worldwide famine.

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