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Genesis 25: Abraham ReMarries, Rebekah Has Esau and Jacob

In his older age, Abraham remarried a woman named Keturah. He apparently was not as old as he thought, as he went onto have six sons with her. With additional sons, he still made it clear that Isaac was the birthright son and he even separated them from Isaac.

Abraham eventually passed away, 175 years of age, and his sons Isaac and Ishmael came to bury him in the cave he purchased for Sarah. Speaking of Ishmael, he was established as a people, they had twelve princes and built towns with castles according to their nations.

Isaac was beginning his family; he was 40 years when he married Rebekah. He fertilized Rebekah’s womb with twins. It was a rough pregnancy as the twins were struggling in the womb because they were two manners of nations who would be separated at birth for life.

The Stronger Younger Brother

One will be stronger than the other and the elder will serve the younger. This was told to Rebekah by GOD; she had twin sons, Esau and Jacob. Esau was red all over and hairy like a garment, he was distinguished from his brother and others.

Jacob was a plain child and man and he came out holding onto Esau’s heel. Isaac loved Esau, Rebekah loved Jacob. As they grew, Esau despised his birthright, in a disgraceful deal selling life blessings to Jacob for a bowl of soup.

With this transaction, Jacob became Esau’s lord and changed up the way the world we live today is (Genesis 25).


Principle: Be grateful, do not take anything for granted. In addition, follow all ways and order the LORD commands.

History: The true story of the Bible begins, the struggle for supremacy between the two sons of Isaac, Jacob, and Esau.

Prophecy: the elder would serve the younger; essentially this means that the children of Edom will serve their brother Jacob (see Amos 9:12).

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