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Exodus Chapter 7 Summary


Exodus Chapter 7 Summary

Exodus Chapter 7 Summary

Exodus chapter 7 begins as God reminds Moses and Aaron that Pharaoh will not listen to their commands or requests.

They reason he will not hearken to them is simply for God to lay His hand on Pharaoh and Egypt.

When God is done punishing Egypt, God wanted them to know clearly that the God of Israel is God alone. Moses began doing miracles such as turning his rod into a snake, but the Pharaoh’s wise men, magicians, and sorcerers were able to do likewise.

However, God showed stronger when He made Moses’ snake eat up the snakes of the Egyptian magicians. The next thing Moses did was turn the waters of the river to blood, as did the Egyptian magicians, but Pharaoh did not set his heart on any of this.

He dismissed it and moved on about his business, completely ignoring God and God’s messengers.

May God add blessings for reading and doing His Word through His Son Jesus Christ. So Be It!

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