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Do Not Take a Wife of the Daughters of Canaan

Isaac did not even get a chance to choose Rebekah as a wife. His father Abraham had already made the choice for him, and not even directly. He had his chief steward do it. So it wasn’t hard for Isaac to tell his son Jacob “Do not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan.” (Genesis 28:1-2)

He had no problem telling his son that because, in those days, parents knew the importance of marriage. They knew a bad wife could destroy their son, or a foolish husband could do likewise to their daughter. They also knew that in one’s youth, decisions made are not always the best.

This is why he told his son, don’t marry any of those Canaanite women. Instead, get on down to your mother’s father’s place in northern Syria and find a wife there. Find a wife from the daughters of Laban, your mother’s brother.

Do not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan

This serves multiple purposes; number one, the woman will know your culture and the ways you were brought up to do things. Number two, you will avoid people who are not like you. They may attempt to convert you away from your God, culture, and way of integrity.

Take a good look through life. It will be easy to spot people headed strongly in one direction. Then they meet a spouse who terribly took them in a very different and plightful direction. It is even painful to watch.

Unfortunately today, with freedoms of this and that especially in the “west” youth are not about to allow their parents to select their spouse. The next vital step is for parents to give their children the wisdom and knowledge needed during this vital stage of life.

This way children can borrow the wisdom of their parents and grandparents as they select a partner in life. They will then avoid selecting a spouse who will be so strongly or negatively influential as to take them completely away from their goals and objectives.

In order to stick with the Lord, Jacob needed to hear, “Do not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan!” He adhered to it, will you and your children?


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  1. Mogole Mogole

    I find the fact that the author of this piece would chose a picture of an african black woman (assumingly) to illustrate what a canaanite pagan woman looks like to have quite a disturbing undertone to it..especially given how racists have long used the story of Noah and his dealings with his sons as a theological justification to their satanic belives and practices, so the usage of the picture of very questionable..

    • I’m very happy you noticed this Mogole. We typically use “black” images for most characters displayed in the Bible because of the many years of “white” images being used. An example would be Leah and Rachel – thank you for taking notice and voicing your objections. We know we may be wrong in things we do, but we do, do them in sincerity of heart.

      Much regards, much love

      Elder Ishe

  2. Marsha Odom Marsha Odom

    The description of the Canaanites can be found in the old testament books of Leviticus chapter 13 and 14; according to the word of God white skin and yellow thin hair is the real description; the holy Quraan goes on to say blue eyes is also one of there characteristics.

    • Hi Marsha, thank you for your edification. Would you please email me the scripture you speak of in the Holy Qu’ran? Thank you.

    • You are misinformed. Leviticus chapters 13 and 14 deal with skin diseases such as Leprosy. It DOES NOT give any description of the Canaanite people. Moreover, there is nothing “holy” about the Qu’ran. It’s based on a lie.

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