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Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Summary

Deuteronomy chapter 28 summary begins with Moses as he continued his admonishing to the children of Akobe. He warns them to listen carefully to the voice of the Creator and in doing this they will be high above all nations of the earth.

If they do obey the Most-High, many blessings will come upon them and overtake them. Blessings such as overtaking their enemies, the fruit of the body being well, their agriculture will be well, they will lend to nations, and have good treasure.

However, there was and is a flip side to the blessings; the flip side were curses for not obeying. The blessings were put nicely in 12 to 14 verse, the curses went from verse 16 to the end of the chapter at verse 68.

Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Summary

Plainly, everything was the opposite of the blessings, but extended and more exaggerated and harsh.

Madness will come over them, blindness, and oppression from the very same mixed multitude who came out of Egypt with them. It would go as far as their masters sharing the men of Akobe’s wives.

Their sons and daughters would be given to another people as captives; they themselves would serve other gods, wood and stone, by force, convenience, and also by deception.

The curses were great in number.

Their land would be destroyed by their enemies, they won’t lend to any nation, they’d only borrow.

They will have the most domestic problems, even the nicest woman would become the most aggressive and intolerant wife and vice versa for the man. Both, husband and wife wouldn’t care for their children.

They will have sickness and disease and will essentially be scattered all over the earth by their enemies.

While in all of these nations, they would find no ease. The biggest hammer of the curses is that the Bantu would be put on ships and carted into captivity or bondage (Egypt) as male and female slaves (bondsmen and women), with no one or nation buying them out of their situation.

What a warning from the Great Spirit their Creator.

We pray the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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  1. Rosemarie Prendergast Rosemarie Prendergast

    I was truly bless

  2. Is there proof that Deuteronomy chapter 28 is fulfilled prophecy or yet to come prophecy? There was a besieged Jerusalem where the people turn to cannibalism did this fulfill Deuteronomy 28 ?
    And if it’s prophecy to come what are the key words to imply that in this chapter ? Myself, I think it is a continuous prophecy that happens when a nation falls into sin so far and it doesn’t look like there is a chance they will repent. Which would be America today along with many nations.

    • Hi Eliot, proof of Deuteronomy being fulfilled is in the Assyrian captivity, Babylonian captivity, and the Roman captivity. It is fulfilled in what Portugul, Spain, and France did during the renaissance period and in the Americas and Africa

      It has been fulfilled and counting, but it is coming to an end very soon. Thank you for your question and for stopping by. Salud

      Brthr Nhmyh

  3. I was blessed, who a=e the people that came here as slav÷s on ships?

    • Thank you, Edward, for the comment. Search the history of each country and which people or ethnic group were brought to the nation as slaves.

      Elder Ishe

      • Araoluwa Araoluwa

        I believe all of those will come to past if thou did not obey
        So we must be careful

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