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On the Eighth Day God Will Accept You


On the Eighth Day God Will Accept You

On the Eighth Day God Will Accept You

In Ezekiel chapter 43, God (Jesus the Messiah from God) in His millennial kingdom on the earth is instructing the priests on their sacrificial jobs and offering.

Seven days they are commanded to prepare the sin offering and purge the altar and purify it.

However, when the seven days are expired, on the eighth day and forward, our burnt offerings and peace offerings will be accepted by the Lord God of Israel.

What this means is that for seven days in the flesh, we are offering up our works through Jesus Christ, our Passover and sin offering, to God.

After our seven days in the flesh are completed, we will be changed from flesh to spirit, and God will accept us.

Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God begins on the eighth day. View our lesson of the week for more clarity on this subject.

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