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Deuteronomy Chapter 17 Summary


Deuteronomy Chapter 17 Summary

Deuteronomy Chapter 17 Summary

Chapter 17 begins with order and ordinances with due reverence and fear towards the God of Israel.

Number one, one is not to sacrifice or offer anything to God that has a flaw or blemish in it. That is an abomination to the Lord.

Number two, if anyone hears of someone going to other gods and it is certain that the hearing is true; the witness is to gather another witness and stone the guilty person to death. It was serious back in the day in Israel.

The first witness had to throw the first stone.

Number three, if there is a matter between two people that they couldn’t settle amongst each other, they were to bring the matter before the priests the Levites, and must obey the teaching and judgements the priests gave.

They cannot decline from the left or right of the judgement given. This was to teach them that they cannot act presumptuously on matters and thus to teach others they can’t act presumptuously in matters of judgment.

Number four, here is something that took place in the days of Samuel the prophet and Saul the king; Israel appointing a king over them like the other nations.

When they decide to do this, God says they must pick a king from among their own people. They must not put a stranger over them. The king is not to multiply his wealth, his wives, or possessions.

The king should not return the people to Egypt, but should keep a book of the law with him as the priests the Levites do. This he should do to keep his days long.

This is the summary of Deuteronomy 17.

We pray the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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